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November 8, 2012
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WC'n'F Cab Forward by gunslinger87 WC'n'F Cab Forward by gunslinger87
Been a while since I posted a locomotive drawing.

Well here is another one of my oddball concepts. This is a narrow gauge "Cab Forward" style 4-4-0 heavily inspired by North Pacific Coast #21.

My version, however, has some alterations. I added a sand dome just behind the steam resevior, a stylish capped stack, saftey ("pop") valves, and a wooden cab with celestory. Due to the unusual arrangement of the locomotive she is designed to be an oil burner.

However the original design of NCP #21 didn't "breath" well, meaning it didn't have enough draft for the fire in the firebox. This was rectified by literally cutting and oval shaped hole right in the front of the locomotive's cab front wall. This fixed the issue, but now you had a HOLE in the front of your cab and the headlight was forced to be mounted higher and causing visual obstruction to the engine crew.

On my design I added an "air scoop" just under the cab. It's the shaded thing just before the steam chests on the cylinders. This allows better draft into the firebox and is don so the headlight didn't need relocating.

Again, the cab is constructed primarily of wood, however the lower portion is steel clad.

The tender I'm actually not all that satisfied by. I would like to revise it and make it more of a traditional tender like those used on either Cooke narrow gauge 2-6-0 or an early to intermediate period "C-16" style tender.

And yes, I know I forgot the bell cord...

Not sure what her road number is to be, yet. I'm leaning towards "26". but I won't decide on that until I can actually sit down and work out a detailed locomotive roster for the Wolf Creek & Flagstone RR. This unique little locomotive is really used as a test bed for experimental advancements in locomotive technology on the WC&F. And I think that's what give the locomotive its charm.

Anyways, I hope you all like her! PLEASE comment if you fave!! :)
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very interesting cab forward, never though about a 4-4-0 cab forwards but now that i think about it, its a great little engine, and yes i agree with you there on the tender, sense it looks like a couple of oil tanks mounted on a flatbed car
You could have introduced a fan blower just behind the crosshead for the firebox problem.
It's the 1890s. ^^;
I know that, the french had a blower attached to the tender of one of their early steam locomotives back in the 30s.
Yeah, the French Seguin (or Sequin). Late 1830s early 40s. [link]
Well I'll be... :o
I can;t believe they had blowers back then! :rofl:

It's a good idea, yes, if burning solid fuels. With an oil burner, or liquid fuel type, the blower may cause flashing. Where the fuel burning the vaporized fuel suddenly goes out and then reignites. If even only for a brief moment it still allows for noticeable temperature change, cooling, and then reheating when the fire reignites or is re-lit. That is REALLY bad for the flues of the locomotive. Although in concept a blower is a neat idea, but it may complicate the flashing issues of an oil burner.
That's why during the 1940s, the oil burners started playing around with fuel injection pumps, either driven by one of the drive wheels or on the tender.
dinodanthetrainman Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this
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