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March 27, 2010
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Mar 26, 2010, 11:32:44 PM
Steampunk Semi by gunslinger87 Steampunk Semi by gunslinger87
Well folks! He is my submission to the Guild Of Steam group's Second monthy design contest. This contest's theme is taking a moder vehicle, let's use a car or truck for exampe, and concieve it as if it were built durring the 1870s or 1880's.

Here I took a modern day Semi Truck (som of you may know it as a "Tractor Trailer" or an "18 Wheeler") and designed it as if it were from the late 1870's or early 1880s. YES, Atticus DID do the same thing. He also made a steam powered semi truck/locomotive. But I DID NOT copy him! As one can plainly see that there are some MAJOR design differences. Atticus' design does have an advantage, speed. By using the some powering methods as a traditional steam locomotive he has the advantage of speed. My "Semi" on the other hand is slower, I'd guess its max speed to be at or just under 20 mph. But would average around 15 mph and just under. Which for the period was a decent rate of travel.

But I'm NOT here to debate about each of our design's flaws. I'm here to submit MY design. I took insparation from the famed Climax geared steam locomotive and also from the Ex-D&RGW Rotary Snow Plow "OY". Unlike a Climax loco, it does not have a "Gear Box". The transmission of power from the pistons to the rear axels comes from a beveled gear set similar to that on the D&RGW Rotarys. The frame is rigid and the axels are not sprung. At the time of my conception of this contraption I couldn't figure out how to have suspension on the axels and not mess up the drive train. To compensate for this I designed a "Floating Cab", The cab is suspended using similar srings like those on the seats of old wagons. The wagon frame and body were all rigid but the seat was on springs to make the ride "Smoother". Albeit the springs used on my "Land Locomotive" are far more heavy duty.

As for steering, there is no wheel to turn. Instean the ends of the front axel have universal joints and a special mechanism to keep the front wheels alinged correctly. the system is similar to how modern vehicles steer, but instead of a steering wheel there is a actuating steam cylender/piston the is used to "Point" the wheels in the desired direction. Can't really see it and hence why I have explained it.

At first I was going to "Market" the design as a machine built by "Climax" due to the very similar set up used on their locomotives. But I felt that the Deviation title sounded better. ;p

I hope you all like!

PS: Also experimenting with a new signiture. :D

COMMENT IF YOU FAVE!!!!! :shakefist:
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Yeah, never did design that trailer for it. ^^;
Hopefully I'll get around to it one day. Though I'll use the design in one of my novels.
Interesting concept for a steam truck. You might like my Virginia for early days of steam.
dinodanthetrainman Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this
Consolidation720 Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
dude, i would love to build this, and at the same time hate it XD
it just looks amazing
Well Much Obliged!
Such thing EXISTS!!!
I am an avid fan of steampunk and I love steamwestern/weird west (I am a big fan of Brisco County Jr if that means anything)

I LOVE this design!! o.o
RailroadNutjob Dec 2, 2011  Student General Artist
Oh yeah, that looks... interesting.

Outta curiosity...

1. What if you compared this thing to an average modern semi truck?

2. What if the "road trains" of Australia would happen to run one of these?
1. It's slower, maxing out at about 15 or 20 mph. But it capable of hauling lots of heavy goods.

2. I have no clue. ^^;
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